Who is the Food Anti-Extremist?

Laura Campbell is a health writer, scientist and academic (who studied Biomedical Science at Warwick, Clinical Neuroscience and Nutrition and public Health at Kings College London), ex-marathon runner, practicing yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner, foodie, public health campaigner (on a mission to stop food insecurity and food waste) and health (via lived experience and knowledge) expert. She has a HUGE APPETITE for life and a strong desire to feed the hungry and help people grow into the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

We live in a world of food madness. I want to restore food gladness

I have had an eating disorder. It’s a label I never thought I would wear, so far from the “healthy attitude to food, exercise and life” way I saw myself and so it took me a long time to accept this. It was hard to stitch this paradox of unhealth into my “advocate for good health and wellbeing” and “sporty athlete” sense of self. However I am getting there now and am finally at peace with myself and my body. I write now, as a scientist and academic, mental health advocate, survivor and campaigner, to share with you all the wisdom I learnt from my sojourn into unhealth and help prevent you having to go through what I went through. I write as I have mined my own maelstrom of “perfect storm” factors that led to my eating disorder and I want to help others to get to this position too.

I write as a lighthouse against the tides of eating disorders. To help those swimming against the strong addictive tides of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, endos and obesity and other self harming behaviours and find inner peace with food and their bodies.

Between under and over nutrition is healthy.


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Together, as food anti-extremists, we can turn the swirling whirlpools and perfect storms of factors that lead to eating disorders around, and be lighthouses for happiness and health for all. No more mind maelstroms, find peace with yourself and food.